Safe, Painless & Cool

Our combination of qualified GDC registered Dentists, amazing service, and technologically advanced process ensures your treatment will be safe, painless and actually, quite cool.

We do not use out-dated methods such as heat, instead we use a specially formulated cleaning gel in conjunction with a natural cool blue light. The blue light accelerates the process and helps the gel to gently clean the teeth without any harmful side-effects.

Our highly filtered cool blue light is UV-free and causes no unwanted symptoms such as skin and gum irritation or burning sensation.

We pride ourselves on a personalised service and helpful, friendly staff. Thousands of happy clients and a growing celebrity following are testament to this!

In as little as 60 minutes we guarantee up to eight shades whiter and fabulous, noticable results. One visit is all it takes to achieve a stunning smile:

There are no hidden costs and with affordable pricing You will be laughing all the way home!