Smile Care Whitening Plan

SmileCare whitening plan - saving on our standard price, after initial treatment.

Two treatments per year

How can I keep my Bright White Smile?

You can keep that year round Bright White Smile simply by joining our 'Smile Care Plan'

What exactly is the Smile Care Plan?

Our Smile Care Plan includes 2 x full Teeth Whitening treatments each year, saving on our standard treatment price, why not take advantage of our monthly, affordable, easy payment scheme. So even if you smoke, drink tea, coffee and red wine, you can enjoy a Bright White Smile all year round!

Why not call us for a friendly chat to discuss your possible options: 01225 839 797

Who's entitled to join the Smile Care Plan?

Anyone who wants a guaranteed all year round Bright White Smile is entitled to join our Smile Care Plan. Why not arrange your appointment today?.

It's a great way to spread the cost, on our Standard Package price. To join, simply call us on 01225 839 797

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