About Us

The Bright White Smiles Dental Clinic is located in the heart of Swindon. Our Clinic is large and bright with lot's of natural light, on street pay and display parking close by.

Once you arrive, you will discover a welcoming environment filled with soothing décor, state of the art technology, and an expert dental team that cares deeply about you and your dental health.

Our Dental Clinic is located in the heart of Swindon. The clinic is light, bright, modern and clinical, with a friendly team to greet you on arrival. There is on street pay and display parking close by.

At the Clinic our treatments are instant, pain free and very affordable. Our skilled dentists approach patient care as being unique to each individual to achieve the best results for each person we treat.

Why Choose us?

• We have treated thousands of happy clients
• One visit, pre-consultation and treatment carried out on same day
• Can be carried out in your lunch hour
• Visible results in 60 minutes
• Guaranteed up to eight shades whiter
• Performed by qualified, trained and registered Dentists
• Safe, effective and pain free
• Affordable pricing - no hidden costs
For a Consultation, Call 01225 839 797

Specializing in Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening, the Bright White Smiles Dental clinic offers only the very latest in proven technologies and techniques. Our primary concern is your comfort and satisfaction with all recommended treatments undertaken at the Bright White Smiles Dental Clinic. Therefore, we make every effort to discuss your concerns or anxieties and listen to your needs and wishes in order to make your visits with us the best experience possible. At our Clinics, we know the importance of a beautiful, confident smile and we ever aspire to help every patient wear their most dazzling, healthy smile.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.