Why Might I Need My Teeth Whitened?


Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Smile

There are various reasons for getting your teeth whitened. Everyone’s teeth are different. Very few of us have sparkly white teeth, they come in all different shades. Even if you do have nice white teeth, even these over time will become stained and discoloured from things such as caffeine, smoking, red wine….the list goes on. This is classed as surface staining. Tartar can also effect the colour of your teeth.

What Does Laser Whitening Involve?teeth whitening bath

Laser whitening is the most popular form of teeth whitening on the market. It’s quicker than bleaching, more effective and not at all messy! In as little as 60 minutes we guarantee up to eight shades whiter and fabulous, noticeable results. One visit is all it takes to achieve a stunning smile.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

You can expect your laser whitening treatment (performed in our Bath surgery) to last around six months, although it is possible it may last longer depending on how you look after them in the meantime.

Will It Hurt?

No it will not cause you any pain and shouldn’t cause any discomfort. On occasion some clients say their teeth feel a little sensitive right after treatment but this is temporary and not usual.

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