How To Look After Your Teeth

It should be a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at how many of us simply do not look after our teeth properly. This can be something as simple as only cleaning them once a day rather than twice. A lot of people tend to think cleaning them in the morning is enough but imagine all of the food that’s been rubbing against them all day, not to mention caffeine from tea and coffee.

Ideally you’d give them a little clean up at lunch time too but who has the time for that?

The back teeth are notoriously tough to clean thoroughly as they are awkward to get to so it’s a good idea to ask your dentist for a very small headed brush. There are ideal for getting to the back teeth and most dental surgeries will have them readily available.

How many of us floss regularly? When you think about the food that’s bound to be getting stuck in your teeth day in and day out why wouldn’t we floss? It’s just that we’re all so busy and make excuses for ourselves …we don’t have the time to mess about with flossing.


How often should we really visit the dentist for a thorough check up? Twice a year is recommended. This means that if holes or other nasties turn up they are immediately identified and can be treated. Yes okay, we don’t like drills! Who does, but a hole that us left untreated will get bigger and bigger and eventually cause all kinds of problems.

When is whitening appropriate? If your teeth are in good condition and if you have received all of the correct advice when it comes to maintenance and ongoing care. Be realistic and choose a shade that’s right for you. Be guided by your dentist here. They really do know what’s best. Don’t be tempted to go bright shiny white if your teeth are no-where near this shade.

teeth whitening bath


Feel free to give us a call to chat through what our laser whitening treatment can do for you and whether or not your are a suitable candidate. If you’re in a hurry then simply drop us a line via our contact page or email. We’re always happy to help!

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