Training and Support

Starting a new business will always have an element of risk, due to the vulnerability of new businesses. The degrees of vulnerability vary depending on:

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Financial resources
  • Relevant abilities.

Most people who start their own business will lack some, or even all of these qualities, but those who fail do so because they cannot learn quickly enough, and the money runs out.

With a franchise, much of this risk is reduced, as you are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. With their help, you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes that they made during their business career.

Here at Bright White Smiles, we are committed to providing an excellent quality of service to all of our customers. With this in mind, our principle from day one has been to achieve exceptionally high standards with a professional approach – something we will pass on to every franchisee.

We have spent several months developing the franchisee training programme and Operations Manual.

Initial Training

The training programme has been designed to ensure that you can run your business efficiently and successfully. The initial training will take place over three days, and includes the following:

– Overview and the market place
– Setting up and running your business
– Sales and marketing
– General administration and reporting
– Teeth whitening training.

Ongoing Training and Support

Once you have had your initial training, it doesn’t stop there. Ongoing bespoke training is available if you want more advanced training, or refresher training to go over anything again.

Our training, support and backup are key features of our franchise offering.

Bright White Smiles also provides comprehensive telephone and e-mail support. This ensures you are never left on your own and support is available whenever you need it.