Elle Darby youtube review

Elle Darby Gets Her Teeth Whitened

It’s always great to get a good review online. Here at Bright White Smiles we encourage bloggers to be completely honest about the teeth whitening service we provide.

Elle Darby is a well known local blogger. She Vlogs about all kinds of things and has a very large following. We were thrilled when she decided to review our teeth whitening service in Bath.

Unfortunately there are still a few unscrupulous people out there selling less than authentic teeth whitening products to unsuspecting members of the public. When these news items crop up it tends to give the service a bad name.

What To Expect From Bright White Smiles – Bath

First off – We only employ dentists. Whilst this seems like a no-brainer (why would anyone not?) there are still places out there that don’t. You should not, in any event, get your teeth whitened by a beautician or any other person that is not qualified.

Our teeth whitening clinics are staffed by GDC registered, cosmetic teeth whitening specialists.

Our light and airy studio in Bath is situated in the City Centre and is just a stone’s thrown from both the Southgate and Avon Street car parks.

How White Can I Go?

We will advise you as to what shade you ought to be. We don’t do ‘All American’ – By this we mean we don’t give you a super dazzling unnatural smile! This look is very popular in the States but it is not a natural look and really, you don’t want everyone to say ‘Hey, you’ve had your teeth whitened’ It’s the naturally radiant look you should be aiming for.

How To Get In Touch

You can email us, send us a message via the contact form, give us a call of contact us via social media.