Bright White Smiles just got even brighter!

We recently had a very interesting client visit our Bath clinic. He appeared to be quite nervous during the pre-treatment consultation but was soon put at ease by our skilled staff. Just as the actual teeth whitening procedure was about to commence he changed his manner and revealed that he wasn’t actually a client, but was in fact a General Dental Council (GDC) inspector carrying out a series of covert spot checks on clinics in an attempt to flush out illegal teeth whitening practitioners. He had a policeman waiting outside and called him into the clinic where they both proceeded to interrogate and investigate Bright White Smiles staff through questioning, identification and cross referencing with GDC records.

Happily, everything was in order and Bright White Smiles was praised by the GDC inspector for being the only fully compliant company they’d visited! He and the policeman left smiling and said ‘keep up the good work’ : )