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Teeth Whitening Bath | Bristol | Cardiff - bright white smiles
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In one painless, professional session, Bright White Smiles can transform even the shyest smile into a confident Bright White Smile to be proud of. Our award winning modern clinics are staffed by fully qualified dentists, all of whom are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). During the 1 hour treatment you can be assured our high standards will offer safe and excellent results that will keep you smiling all day long.
  • Safe and painless, even for sensitive teeth
  • Instant and dramatic results that people will notice
  • Carried out by highly trained GDC registered dentists
  • 1 hour treatment in one of our prestigious & conveniently located clinics
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Performed by qualified dentists

Meet our team of General Dental Council (GDC) registered dentists who carry out our whitening treatments

About us

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We have clinics in:   Bath, Bristol, Cardiff City, Bridgwater, Taunton, Street
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Useful teeth whitening links, by taking time to peruse our links you will be much better informed to realize that our clinics offer the best in terms of hygiene and fully accredited staff, who are capable to deliver the results that you demand.
Welcome to Bright White Smiles UK - The Teeth Whitening Specialists.

When you smile the first thing people notice is your teeth. In a recent survey by Sensodyne, 70% of men and women said a great white smile is one of the most important facial features, essential when impressing a potential employer or client. Award Winning Clinic Bath, located in Cardiff and Bristol in association with SPA Naturel. Recognised by dentists, bright white smiles only utilize safe peroxide products, in line with EU Legislation.

Half of Bristol men and Bristol women surveyed stressed that, white teeth are a deciding factor for a second date. Your smile outranks eyes, hair and body as the most important physical feature. A clean white smile, is more likely to mean good oral hygiene.

"Teeth look AMAZING, cannot wait for the next time, I have mentioned it to all of my friends and family, thanks Tom"

We are specialist GDC Registered Dentists and have treated thousands of delighted clients.

Join our amazing SmileCare plan to spread the cost. When you need teeth whitening bristol, call us.
brightwhitesmiles promotional video showing the quality of our clinic locations in and around the united kingdom

Located in Bath BA1 2AA, Bristol,Cardiff,Cheltenham,Newport,Somerset,Avon We offer the most advanced professional teeth whitening solution. The BEYOND White Spa Whitening Accelerator is one of the most popular teeth cosmetic aesthetic whitening systems in the world and is used safely by millions of patients.
The smile is one of our most attractive features, giving us confidence in the way we perceive ourselves and how we are viewed by those around us.
Our whitening laser contains the most advanced filtering system in the industry, removing all harmful UV and infrared light. Our "cold light" laser, used together with our specially formulated whitening gel, eliminates virtually all sensitivity.
The procedure is the quickest, gentlest, most effective way to remove years of staining from your teeth, Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening can dramatically change your smile and improve the cosmetic appearance and is the most anti-aging cosmetic treatment, which increases self-confidence, improving quality of life.

Teeth whitening is a non invasive form of dental aesthetic cosmetic dentistry, we will not give you a neon white Hollywood smile, but a fashionable 'non fake' London smile.
NHS dentists or orthodontics do not offer teeth whitening, it is a private dental or orthodontic treatment available from your dentist or teeth whitening technician. At brightwhitesmiles, Bristol Bath and Cardiff, we do not offer the same invasive services as a dentist, NHS or private. There are Dentists in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff which will offer these dental services. Cosmetic dentistry prices can vary widely. You should look to pay £99 - £149 for an aesthetic teeth whitening treatment, this ensures that your cosmetic dentist is fully insured and operating from suitable premises. Some cosmetic technicians or beauty clinic therapists operate from beauty spas, hotel rooms, mobile kits or even residential homes, this is certainly not recommended. At Brightwhitesmiles, we have dedicated and laser certified premises and clinics in the Cardiff City, Bristol and Bath areas. We always recommend you attend your dentist before a treatment to allow your dentist to make an assessment of the health of your teeth, gums, cheek tissue and general mouth hygiene beforehand.
We hope to be releasing a teeth whitening blog soon.

Other services we do not offer include:
Teeth Straightening kit,
Invisalign Straightening kit,
Porcelain Veneers,
Orthodontic Surgery,
Dental Surgery or Cleaning,
Dentists Whitening Trays or kits,
Crest White Strips or Whitening kits,
We DO however offer GDC approved cosmetic aesthetic whitening kits. For any of the above we advise you search for Dentist Bristol, Dentist Cardiff, Dentist Bath in these areas.

The U.S trend for white teeth, as worn by Hollywood stars, is becoming ever so popular in the UK, more so with the teeth image. The gentle treatment offered at Bright White Smiles Clinics is easy, quick and affordable and in a pleasing environment, not quite a dentist's teeth surgery. Our system is the fastest and effective whitening teeth treatment, with no fuss, no time consuming trays, no night time routine, no expensive dental appointments and the results are in the main long lasting, up to 12 months depending on lifestyle.

Nowadays image is everything and so a white smile can mean the difference between that successful interview or that all important date. By having a winning smile, it can give you the edge in most social situations, so therefore well worth the investment. Your smile is a very important asset, so well worth investing care on it.

Our location adresses are:
Tooth Whitening Bristol - Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel & Spa, Redcliffe Hill, BS1 6SQ,Call Head Office:01225 839 797.
Tooth Whitening Cardiff - Mercure Hotel Spa Naturel, 24-26 Newport Road, South Glamorgan,Cardiff, Wales CF24 0DD,Call Head Office: 01225 839 797.

Teeth Whitening Links, please take your time to browse our very interesting teeth links which will help you in making that all important decision regarding your teeth treatment with us, you will find them very informative.

Currently we are expanding our Laser Teeth Whitening brand. We are soon to have teeth outlets in these areas around the UK: London, Manchester,
Wolverhampton, Wolves,

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